When a confirmed case of COVID-19 impacts a school community, parents/guardians can expect that the school or school system will inform them of the positive case. These notifications will include any implications for the instructional delivery model and information on how to help ensure your child remains healthy. Additionally, if your child is considered to be a close contact, as defined below, to a student or staff member who has tested positive or is displaying COVID-like symptoms, you will receive notification with instructions on how to respond.

If a classroom or school must close due to an outbreak, parents/guardians will be notified and provided with information on how instruction will continue. Additionally, parents/guardians will receive notification when the classroom or school is scheduled to reopen.

Please note that in accordance with laws protecting the confidentiality of students and staff, the name of a person who has contracted or is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will not be released, nor will any other information that could lead to their identification. The Howard County Health Department is the health authority on all matters related to COVID-19 and will guide HCPSS and lead the response to positive cases and all identified close contacts.