COVID-19 Dashboard

The data on this site reflects positive test results self-reported to HCPSS of students, staff or visitors. The number of cases reported includes both those who tested positive while present in HCPSS facilities and those who have tested positive while quarantining as a result of close contact to positive cases. Positive case numbers are updated every Monday-Friday by 4 p.m., and quarantine numbers are updated every Wednesday by 11 a.m.

HCPSS incorporated additional changes to help ensure the dashboard data is current and aligns with notifications issued by schools. The numbers represented on the dashboard are pulled directly from the HCPSS Student Information System (Synergy) as they are entered by school staff. In the interest of ensuring families are alerted as soon as possible, schools may send a message to families before entering data into Synergy. Once positive case information is entered, the Dashboard data is backdated, however, it can take some time for the Dashboard and school email numbers to sync. Please note that once posted, Dashboard data are not changed in the event of a false-positive test.

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Howard County Rate Data

Information on Howard County rate data is updated each Wednesday by 11 a.m. Rate data is provided by the Maryland Department of Health. 

HCPSS will lift its current universal indoor mask mandate once Howard County has achieved 14 consecutive days of low or moderate transmission rate of COVID-19, in alignment with Howard County Health Department recommendations.

As of date 7-Day Average Positivity Rate in Howard County* 7-Day Average Confirmed Cases in Howard County, per 100,000 people*
May 2, 2022 8.01 19.3
April 25, 2022 7.66 18.16
April 18, 2022 6.15 14.21

*These numbers are updated each week, Wednesdays by 11 a.m.

View the State of Maryland COVID-19 Dashboard for more information on rates in Howard County and in the state.

HCPSS Quarantine

As of Tuesday, May 17, 2022, there are 345 students and 83 staff members in quarantine due to a positive COVID-19 test or as a close contact. These numbers will be updated every Wednesday by 11 AM.

Please note that close contact or quarantine does not indicate those students or staff have tested positive for COVID-19. See below for daily and 7-day totals of positive case numbers.

HCPSS Overview

Numbers reflect positive test results self-reported to HCPSS of students, staff or visitors in school/office buildings during their contagious period. This data reflects the date school staff input positive cases into the HCPSS Student Information System (Synergy) and not necessarily the date of the positive test result or the date a school notification was sent.

The HCPSS dashboard also includes cases that are part of the MDH outbreak reporting. These cases may not impact HCPSS school communities because they often include people who are already in quarantine as an identified close contact and not participating in-person activities while contagious.

Daily numbers are not cumulative.

Date Elementary School Middle School High School Education Center Offices Non-Public Schools
5/20/22 50 30 68 3 0 0
5/19/22 65 22 50 3 1 0
5/18/22 56 34 78 3 0 0
5/17/22 81 36 66 1 0 0
5/16/22 152 70 69 2 0 0
5/15/22 3 1 5 0 3 0
5/14/22 13 1 4 0 0 0
7-Day Total 420 194 340 12 4 0

*Contains a single case of an individual who visited multiple campuses.
Contains a case of a student who participates in athletics.

These numbers are updated Mondays-Fridays by 4 p.m.


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